Why Call The Simich Law Firm PC ?
The Simich Law Firm P.C. is dedicated to the full-time
representation of numerous homeowner or community
associations throughout Texas including single-family
subdivisions, town home communities, condominium and
commercial associations.  We take a common sense
approach to resolving your legal disputes as quickly and
cost effectively as possible.

Homeowner Associations or community associations
call the community association lawyers at the Simich Law
Firm P.C., when they have something pressing on their
minds—whether it is a question as to if is allowable for them
to take a certain action, how to update and modernize their
governing documents or simply to assist them in efficient
collection of delinquent assessments or correction of deed restriction violations in their
community. Whatever the question, they look to the Simich Law Firm P.C., for honest,
objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice.

Our clients talk to us when they find themselves under pressure to deliver results or need
to make decisions that will have major consequences for their communities. They call us
in uncertain times or when the answer is difficult to obtain and insights are scarce. We
help you grow your communities, maintain property values and meet the obligations and
fiduciary duties placed on volunteer board members and their managing agents.

Homeowner Association Law
Over the years, homeowner associations have increased and community association law
has evolved into a highly specialized niche with ever changing obligations for those who
volunteer their time to serve their communities. Volunteer board members operating within
this environment have become inundated with not only understanding their governing
documents, but also are subject to many rules and regulations promulgated by federal
and state law. Through its services, the Simich Law Firm P.C. works to demystify the law,
your governing documents and your obligations to your community. Today, community
associations face an over-whelming challenge to meet these constantly changing

For these reasons, many community associations look to the experienced homeowner
association lawyers at the Simich Law Firm P.C. Our strength lies in our single focus and
expertise and practical experience in community association law. At the Simich Law Firm P.
C., we provide you with guidance… results….uncompromising service providing a
welcome and cost-effective solution to your legal issues.